Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday night

is alright for a little tussling, too, as it turns out. Everyone is eager to get in a little training block since there's no racing this weekend. Good times.

I chased down the 'Ghetto ride' (i.e. Paul's guys and a few randoms) after getting out of work later than planned, having to shortcut over Chambers (which is a bitch) and TT down and out Spencer creek to catch them. From minute 10 until 30, when I caught them, avg power 319 normalized 338, average HR 175 (20W or so and 10bpm below Threshold). Then the fun started.

A couple of sprints, a couple of hills, a couple of grins between OB and me. We did good.

That was a nice little opener. We threw some punches, ducked some blows. But tomorrow is Thursday, and that's gonna be a barroom brawl.

Gimme a bottle and bring it on.

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