Monday, March 5, 2007


Some joker in my race took out someone's front wheel in the first lap of of 4, on a climb of all things, and I ran right into the back of it. Flat tire, rubbing brakes everywhere, unexplained noises out of my rear wheel, and when I got chasing again it was all over. Rode a lap and a half hard, put up some good power numbers but never got back to the group, then packed it in for a snack and my clinchers and rode the course backwards to cheer on my lady. Herself took 4th in a fast field sprint, and I cheered her all the way. So, not a wasted day by any means. Plus, it was sunny and warm.


The UCI and the Grand Tours seem to have sorted it out, at least for now, 5 days before Paris-Nice. Maybe someone finally woke up and smelled the bacon, and they decided to not be greedy and go halfsies on the profits from the sponsorships and TV ad opportunites. What good is taking a stand if the camera crews won't film your little shindig? You can bet there was a money deal behind it, 'cause none of those jokers are in it for the love of the sport. They're all so busy trying to corner the market in cycling sponsor money and ad revenue they almost make the team owners and directors look like innocent little puppy cats. It used to be directors would make their riders race so much they probably ate amphetamines for breakfast just to get back on the bike in the morning.

Riders used to be cattle to everyone, now they're up a step to some level of show horse, getting a nice little cattot for a job well done but someone else is picking up the door money and haggling the split with your trainer, so he can get you your pills to help you jump higher next time for all the fat money crowds. They'll even let some fool think they 'own' a share of the scam and get their company name displayed all over if you win, but just dont tell them about the dope cause their horse is clean, really, for sure. None of it is good for either the riders or the sport. Sad, really. I hope someday soon the riders will get to it and form a union with some teeth, and put some sort of end to this sordid mess.

The sick thing is, I'll still crawl out of bed to hit up and get a fix of the good stuff before work. Some fixes just cant be broke.


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