Sunday, March 11, 2007

eff that

2nd flat in 2 races. This time due to grit and grim, regular 'ol flat, 1. Chased some, watched the women's race finish.

I did have a lovely time chasing. After I got a new wheel, I started catching dropped riders again, and dropping them. I came upon one particular dude, who shall remain nameless, except to say that his kit is green, its not CMG, he seems to have an affinity for getting dropped on the first lap of small races, and his nickname initials are SS. Oh, and he's not as 'super' as he would like to be.
So, Homeboy SS there is kind of lollygagging along and catches my wheel as I roll by, chasing. I'm riding hard tempo to see if the field is even still in sight. Dude rides the wheel for a bit, comes around me once with an air of unholy seriousness, pedals for a little and when the speed drops more than I'm willing to let it (after about 15sec of this) I simply ride around again and keep going. Mind you, we're doing laps around a lake, and we're rolling up to the short 200m finishing climb, finish line and officials at the top. SS gets himself dropped on the false flat leading to the climb. But, lo and behold, as I hit the climb with exactly the same effort I was holding before, Homeboy flies by me going ballistic up this hill, just to cross the line ahead of me (lap 2 of 5). Not trying to hold a wheel, not trying to get a ride around the lake, or work at all, he's going for looks at the finish line camera. Out of the saddle, legs like little pistons in a four-banger honda that's maxed out on the freeway. What's he posing for? Who knows. His little antics pissed me off something good, tho. OK, Dickwad, glad you like to show off. Now ride this wheel. He was out of sight behind me 3 miles later.
This is the same guy who rode through the finish line one time, off the back, and threw up his arms as if in victory. There's a picture of it on the web. He probably bought it. It's probably on his desk.
Every time I line up in a race with that guy, my very first goal will to make sure that his ass gets dropped. Throw up your arms next time and I'll be waiting, pointing and laughing.

But I digress. Resentment is unhealthy. Being furious at the rotten luck is unproductive. I am currently both.

Next week I'll be riding some training wheels with the toughest clinchers I have. Probably in 25mm. Then, I will go medieval on the field. I have two weeks of pent up pissedoffedness built up. Eff that race, I'm getting my money's worth next week.

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