Sunday, March 18, 2007

bananas at last

I finished the damn race. 6 laps is 4 more than the total of the last two races, thanks to those flats. Awesome.

It wasn't particularly hard, yet there was no getting away for good, and came down to a sprint. A big break of guys who didn't quite have it got caught throughout the last lap and the last 6 came back to the pack like they were in reverse, with about 2mi to go. I was in decent position coming into the sprint but I must be all slow twitch, when I sprint hard I loose spots. I almost do better if I just sit in and try and hold position seated. Oh well. I rode hard in some parts to try and make it count but it wasn't going away. It was mostly a cruise, and I rode easily with the front even when they were drilling it uphill. So I guess that's good. It's a matter of working on the old sprint, and doing lots of stage races this year for the points. Anything that has a TT that counts.

Thursday nighter, Sheldon ride, here I come.


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