Wednesday, December 10, 2008

funny-ass shit

craigslist post forwarded to me by lisa. i too want a manly-ass bicycle. that's probably what's been wrong with my race results all along. that and possibly ninja training.

various forms of finals have been hammering both my sleep and my motivation for the last ten days or so. it's been a constant stream of deliverables and study session, with the occasional two wheeled escape thrown in. focusing on any given task has become progressively harder, as my bailout point on any evening has moved substaintially forward in time. bailouts occur when demotivation and exaughstion combine to finally make me get up and pour a beer. this doesn't mean that i stop working, of course, it just means that the output gets a little more creative. this is why my 'personal action plan' section to my management final now reads things like "i am going to be the bestest managers ever because..." and "i rule!".

maybe i should hand that one in to marketing instead.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

looks familiar?

i'm just sayin'. style is contagious. midtown is happy to set the trend. can't keep up, we're already moving on.