Thursday, December 27, 2007

Never Tease a Tiger

Never tease a Tiger
You will only do it once
The tiger will not like it
And you will become lunch.

Pork Roast.
4lb roast, 4 golden potatoes, 5 large beets, 1 red onion, 1/2 bottle cabernet sauvignon, spices.

roast pork 20'@ 425, fat side up. have slices in the fat to let it open up.

glaze with a warmed mixture of honey, a little butter, paprika, pepper. roast another 15'

add the diced veggies (halve the potatoes, dice the rest), and the wine.

roast at 450 for 1hr or until done.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's official, winter is now upon us. For roadies, that often means the end of the 'off season'. Some of you have been riding "base miles" since November, but for the rest, the quickly approaching 2008 road season means that around about January 1 is the right time to kick in some serious winter training. The best preparation for a 6 month race season is 8 weeks of long, slow miles, right? It's time to zip tie some fenders on and old frame, strap on a heart rate monitor lest you inadventently tip into the triple digits, step on a scale and substract 20 for your spring season target race weight. Since 2lbs a week is the max medically recommended weight loss rate, you're right on track to be a grand tour contender by the time the Giro comes on RAI TV. Let's ride, boys.

Well, the official start to the 2008 Base Training Season is the perfect time to indtroduce my new company, Cycleon, and lauch the inaugural product: HeaviCranks.

HeaviCranks are the product of the future, due to revolutionize base training for cyclists. You've all head of PowerCranks, which force you to pull up each leg individually to elimiate dead spots. You've heard of PoweTap, to train smart, and CyclingPeaks, to track it, and RotorRings, for greater efficiency, and Fixed Gears, for smooth strength, and MuscleTension intervals for quads of Steel. Now comes the next step in the evolution of your revolutions.

HeaviCranks combine the best of cycling wisdom, long slow base miles with winter strength work, so that you can perform at your peak at your races of choice. By providing resitance to your every motion, you train your legs to pull through a complete circle and deliver power efficiently to your rear wheel. By adding mass (an astounding 2kg, or just more than a new SRAM Red gruppo!) to your bike you train yourself to compensate for the extra grams so that when you switch to your road bike, you will fly up hills you will have found challenging in training. In face, HeaviCranks are so revolutionary that we were tempted to keep the secret to ourselves in order to secure a Professional Contract for the 2008 season. The opportunity to lead the way into the next generation of training tools was just too great to pass up, however, so we went ahead with the product launch.

For just $899 you too can own the training device of the future. The ContinuousDrag feature will provide you with the highest quality miles you can imagine. You will double the efficiency of your training time, all without having to ride harder or longer! Keep that HR low and your legs grinding. You will rule the Cat 3 sprint.

HeaviCranks - buy them now, before the competition does!

Coming soon, in fall of 2008, our next big step bike evolution revolution: Cycleon introduces the HeaviBike.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Stupid rain. Stupid wind. The Sunday ride got cut to 2hrs as we dodged flying sticks, leaves, grit, rain, and all sorts of shrapnel in 25mph winds with gusts to 50. Then, it rained.

Riding = not fun. Hours = pathetic. Frustration = mounting.