Thursday, March 22, 2007


Are fast. Not as fast uphill as they are on the flat, and definitly faster in the hands of a very talented road racer, but still pretty fast. At least, the lightweight high-zoot ones are. The 9ft long steel contraptions with windscreens, tailsocks, ten pounds of gear and five pounds of lights piloted by bearded old men in day-glow yellow kit, not so fast. Rob English and a 18lb carbon bent, fast.

It was fast. It was steadier than normal, but having the whole field single file doing 30mph for long stretches is quite something. It was kind of like a motorpacing effort. I was pretty much drained after that. What a different kind of game.

When Rob gets on an upright, the pain will increase ten-fold. He will motor on all terrain, not just flat roads. That will be something. I can't wait.


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