Thursday, March 8, 2007

round two.. coming soon.

Well, the legs are trashed again, so I must be doing something right. We will see how the lunch ride hammer fest goes today. Friday and Saturday will be honest to goodness no-effort rides, so I ought to be Ok for a second attempt at the Banana Belts this weekend. If no-one takes me out int he first lap it might even get interesting.

I've sealed up the tubular puncture with that tufo tire sealant stuff, its surprisingly effective, so maybe ill have given myself a little bit of a safety buffer in case I get another unexpected encounter with a chainring. Now I just have to re-glue the tire. In anticipation of the race season, I have two tires stretched and sitting on bare rims ready to glue (one lightly used and pre-glued, one new unglued tho that will change soon), I have two emergency spares inflated and ready to be packed along on a ride should I need one (with some wear, flat spots, or whatever that prevents their race use but not their backup use), and then a full dozen brand new tubies, in packaging, sitting quietly waiting their turn in the rotation in my garage. I figured I would get a pile and never be concerned if I would have a replacement tire ever again. Plus, it looks kind of cool to have all those sitting there.

Old School.

Link dump news of the weird and oddly funny, because it amuses me to do so:

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