Friday, March 9, 2007


Buttermilk pancakes. Bacon. Coffee. Thats saturday's training ride.

Oh yeah, and maybe some openers on the bike. naaah....

Oh man. I drilled it for an hour over lunch Monday, did Hell on Greenhill Tuesday (5x3', 5x2', 5x1', 2' rest until the end, then it was 1' rest), did 20"sprint/1' recover x 30 Wednesday, did 1hr flat out group ride Thursday. Yeah, that'll get you in shape. Today, light cruise around town on the cross bike. Tomorrow, bacon. Sunday, race like hell.

Surprisingly, it works.

The time change should be good. The hours might start to come back up again, finally. Leaving the dark depths of winter, entering spring (with a chance at sun). Racing is on. I'm relatively fit and relatively light, considering usual winter weight. The bummer life has been averted for another year.

Ride on.

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