Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Great, I'm sick. It dropped like a bomb. The winter bugs were avoided all season, and now I finally got mine. Friday, felt great. I woke up Saturday with a seriously dry throat and cotton in my ears, which sort of cleaned out with two cups of hot tea and lots of water. Then I rode wolf creek, because this was my one chance at a decent ride all weekend (and all week, for that matter). Monday was worse, I could hardly drag myself out of bed, and in fact I took most of the afternoon off from work and laid around the house watching c-span. Today, better, but still no chance of throwing a leg over a bike.

Racing this weekend looks iffy. I'll probably do the crit in town anyways, since I'm here, and if I feel decent I'll head right off for a long ride afterwards. The Sunday race up in Woodland is likely out. I'll either need the training miles, or be thrashed from Saturday because when I've been sick my recovery ability goes down the crapper. I'll ride anyways, but it won't be no race. I guess those boys will have to ride around waiting for the sprint, I guess I'll have to hurt their legs some other day.

The pisser of it all is, the lady is gone on a 10 day work trip. The weekend was somewhat blown between the swap meet and getting sick, and now this whole week is going, too. Usually when herself is gone is the time I get in the most and the best training miles, since I'm not overly concerned if I actually spend any time at home, or if I work a full day, ride 2 1/2 hrs and go fishing after work, get home in the dark, eat a little, and pass out. I get fit during those little trips. Not this one, tho. And I won't be able to catch up, either - "hi honey glad you're back but I'm doing 20 hrs this week and then I'm chasing steelhead" is probably not going to fly.

Ah well. It happens to us all. Maybe I'll have to pull the dreaded early morning rides next week to make up for lost time. I hate those... but they sure keep both of us happy...


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