Saturday, May 1, 2010

When a finish is a triumph

The lung infection thing kicked my butt this week. I didn't ride until Wednesday, and that was a disaster where I began to feel bonked (though I had just eaten a good lunch) about 20min into the ride with David and Azul, and proceeded to absolutely suffer. Feeling completely weak, having a hard time breathing, my HR was depressed yet I could barely ride a steady wheel. Thursday was better, and I ran into the Thursday Nighter that started off "club pace". So I barely hung on over Welders while they were going far easier than we ever race it on a Thursday.

Friday was much better though my legs felt terrible, so I decided to give the Roubaix a go today for the heck of it. I already was on the volunteer list for the afternoon, so my AM race was comped and it was looking to be a warm day. And, surprise surprise, I finished with the pack, despite my legs hurting at every effort all day. They felt like they had a four day training block in them. But the lungs worked and I got almost all the air I needed, so I just rode it out.

The next two days will be embarrassingly slow coffee rides to try and wash the soreness away. Then the first Coburg TT, two more days and a plane flight to Madison, and then Collegiate Nationals. Hopefully this will all be nothing more than an unusual taper and everything functions properly in Wisconsin.

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