Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kind of funny

... to be riding 27mph, nothing hurts, HR is low, but you just can't push the gas pedal any harder. Like being stuck in 3rd gear. More than a mile an hour slower than my 40k speed last year, 30Watts below threshold, heart rate ten beats low. Easy, just not fast.

That's the first Coburg TT in a nutshell. Good news is, the lungs are clearing in a big way, bad news is, I'm feeling 90% strong. Good news is, that's better than three days ago, and miles ahead of 5 days ago, and a light-year ahead of a week-ago. So on that trajectory, all should be good for Collegiate Nationals on Friday.

Sure hope so... 8,000 ft of climbing in 70some miles, but at least that's my only race and I get to spend another three full days doing long rides and sitting in coffee shops / breweries in Madison and wondering how I got so lucky.

Results? Meh. It's about the good times.

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