Friday, May 7, 2010

Crash Fail, Tire Fail

Sort of. It all started with a sketchy descent in pouring rain and people's carbon wheels (including mine) not braking a well in the wet as they do in the dry. So I battled up front from the gun and took the safe position rolling down the hill. But a crash in the pack on the first kicker of the day left me in a ditch pointed the wrong way and overgeared, I got going again and chased back on at the bottom of the big climb and everything exploded. Then I flatted out of my chase group. And Shimano had no more wheels, and no-one would give me a ride ("There 'might' be a broom wagon" the Shimano guys shouted from the back of their warm SUV with a spare seat - there wasn't) until Lenny's Dad found me and helped me get back to the van.

That's OK though, there's three more days of riding around here and plenty of coffee shops. Not to mention a mid-western brew or two to try out.

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