Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Holy Asthma, Batman

This lung thing is still around and it's really weird - some days are fine, other days air just doesn't go in. Today I was breathing so fast while putting out so few Watts that I actually cramped up my side in the TT - totally bizzare. Last week, no real issue. So I've got a date with a pulmonologist to get it sorted out and get me a TUE for Natz for whatever they end up giving me.

At least I can say I seem to have the aero thing almost settled - given the watts being way down I'm still riding well over 28mph with no troubles so a little visit to analyticcycling.com gives some positive drag numbers. Now if the O2 comes back in next week and the watts go where they have in the past - it'll be quick. If not, so be it.

And, I registered for the Mutual of Enumclaw today to go explore Washington racing and get out of Oregon - I had no desire to try and three-peat the TTT or do circles around the Volcano at Mt. Tabor this weekend. I'd rather do a stage race that just might suit me if all goes well - nice flat hard TT, a crit to sit in on, and a road race with a solid rythm climb to decide the final day. Fingers crossed I get my crap together and perform decently.

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