Thursday, May 20, 2010

Campagnolo drivetrain, Shimano 10 wheel - no pulley.

That's the underside of a Campagnolo Daytona 10spd derailleur. A little creative bolting makes it now work beautifully with a Shimano 10 speed wheel (I don't own Campy cassettes or wheels). Since a Campy cassette is wider than a Shimano one, and the derailleur correspondingly travels further between shifts than Shimano, I had to increase the leverage of the cable over the derailleur to reduce the travel just a little bit until it matched up. A few minutes with some washers, a 5mm Allen wrench and a small pair of pliers tweaked the rotation of my little clamp until the shifting was spot on - or at least pretty dang close, which is just as good since all derailleurs have a little float in the top pulley anyways to compensate for misalignment.

And voila. Not very hard to do, takes only a little adjustment to dial in. One could conceivably sell special-made clamps to do the same thing, now that Jtek isn't making their pulleys anymore (which work really well - I have one on my race bike for the same purpose).

Oh me feel so clever right now.

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