Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dave and I went for a shake out ride this morning in Madison. We did a nice 38mi loop, after bumping around through town and ending up at some Trek concept store where a nice guy named Bryan directed us to Old Sauk Road, which we proceeded to ride around and make a loop out of in America's Dairyland.

After catching the morning rays and waving at the cows we found a little coffee shop to sit in and do our school work for a few hours, then when I asked the cute little redhead behind the counter at 530 as they were closing if they sold their day-old pastries, she said no, but she would be happy to give me a bag of rolls and cakes and biscuits that they just pulled out of the counters, no charge. We each walked away with a paper bag full of comfort that will get us through the week.

I am definitely going back to that coffee shop tomorrow.

Madison, Wisconsin. This is a town I can get behind.

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