Friday, February 2, 2007


Yesterday was supposed to be a pretty mild recovery type ride. I ended up doing 3 hours, on the CX bike but mostly on the road, instead. It began with a recon of Cantrell road for the Eugene Roubaix, hence the bike choice (and file-tread 35mm tires). Then joining a freind for a 'spin' which ended up being decent tempo for another 1h15, followed by a 45' cruise with the significant other. I'm bad about following my training goals, as I was supposed to have two easy days before a 4-day block starting Saturday with a nice group ride. Oh well.
Today, I spin for real.
This weekend is going to be brutal.

Lunch of choice: Sauteed duck breast with mushroom and onion, on fresh corn-meal baguette. And a double espresso. Civilized.

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