Saturday, February 17, 2007

bald again

Britney Spears goes bald on the same day I ritualistically buzz my head to a precise 3/8" in a pre-race season ritual going back to freshman year, of college. I love it. Soul mates, Brit, I can feel it.

Except that I've never flashed my thang in public. Or felt the need to go without underwear. Especially while wearing something other than pants. But other than that, you know, I feel a bond there. Oh, and Entertainment Tonight has never decided to make me the topic of the day based on my latest stupidities, but hey, we can't all be popular.

News based rants aside, I'm stoked. Buzzed the head in anticipation of racing. In college I let it grow from the HOCR until spring break, now it's pretty much the first 'cross race until the first road race. Then I go back to a #3 cut as my prefered hairstyle. I haven't actually been to a barber since '98. I did invest $20 in a pair of clippers way back when, and that was a smart move.

There's just something about smooth skin and short hair that feels like business. And I don't mean that like Anna Nicole type business (see last post), I mean it like athletics business. It feels fast. Bushy hair and fuzzy legs are fine in the winter, but once the season start I like to be able to fit a thin cap under my helmet without getting seriously hot once I start working, and the TT helmet actually fits when my hair is short. It's just comfortable. And instead of looking like an overgrown puppy dog, I can put on my race face and not look like a total tool. Looks are important in cycling, after all. Hence the tight clothes, dig. And carbon bits. And things like anodized water bottle bolts. Gotta love it.

Anyways. First race of the season and my scalp is ready, tho I'll be riding my steel bike, 32h tubulars on 105 hubs, and no bling at all. However, I will have sunglasses, regardless of the weather. Dig.

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