Saturday, February 24, 2007


This four days on - three days off training thing is working out pretty well, so far. The problem with it is, it requires discipline on my part to actually take three days easy in a row. Sunday through Wednesday are hard, Thursday through Saturday easy. Race, repeat. Thursday I was good. Friday, I showed up for the extended lunch ride, and found five Paul's guys there. Not the mellow riding lunchers. And 'ol Lou grinned at me and said, "you're going down".

Man, Lou, why did you have to say that. Now I gotta hurt you. And I really wanted an easy day.

So today, Saturday, I litterally spent on my ass listening to the rain and resting my legs. Took a short trip to the store, and watched the ToC on tv. Rode the TT bike lightly on the trainer while Stuart O'Grady tried to topple Levi, did some openers, cleaned up, got back on my ass. I'm paying for trying to lay the smack down yesterday during my 'easy' day. Tomorrow's 20k TT in Vancouver is sure going to hurt. There's a big difference in recovery between 4 on, 1 off, 1 on,1 off, and 4 on, 3 off. Fomer works you over then leaves you wasted, latter works you over then leaves you rested.

Damnit Lou.

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