Sunday, February 18, 2007

ow again

52 mile race. so i attacked in the first 1/4 mile. 3 man break, got joined by 3 more, then dropped two of them, so we had a 4 man break. rolling, windy course. Never much more than a minute lead. HR never below 180 for the first 90 minutes - we were drilling it. 5 miles from the finish (1k uphill), the break broke up and i just couldnt get back on the wheel of the two guys ahead. got caught 4k to go. Two dudes up front held off the pack by about 10s. Nuts.

It was soooo worth it.

Rode my steel bike with the shallow tubulars, and man that was nice. The pavement was a mix of rough chipseal and smooth asphalt, and even with 120lbs in 22mm tires, it was like butter. Ass still hurts. I think that has something to do with drilling it, seated, for two hours.

When I'm ready to pass out, I'll have half a beer. Got a big ride planned tomorrow. Ugh.

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