Thursday, January 25, 2007


Screw Pro Cycling. For reasons why, just read any cycling publication. I still love the racing tho, and I'll be glued to the screen for Roubaix and the Tour, but screw that whole organization. Following the amateur scene just seems so much more honest to me today.

That being said, I'm stoked for the new season. Totally pumped. That'll last until I get shelled the first time, but hey, right now it feels good. I put up some new 20' numbers last week, 368W going up Fox Hollow. Given that last year I was at about 330-340, and my 5' at 400-410, this is pretty huge for me. I'm really hoping the 5' and 2' power will get up there as well, and maybe I'll actually be able to climb for once. I'll never be a true mountain goat but maybe there is hope for a plywood podium somewhere in OR this year after all.

If it comes to a sprint I'm still totally screwed. I can't break 1000W to save my life. Most couch potatoes can at least do that. There is but one hope: the suicide breakaway. My trademark race move. Get off the front somewhere about 60-90min from the finish and TT to the line.

This season is going to hurt.

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Just wanted to speak with you about publishing some articles on pro-cycling.