Monday, January 1, 2007


Some people really know how to celebrate. I love the French.

Me, I planned on celebrating with a little spin around the French countryside, maybe try and find someplace open on new year's day for bread or coffee or some such, an adventure which, given the propensity for closing at every possible opportunity or whif of a holiday around here, meant I might have easily been looking at a new year's day century ride instead of a nice easy 20k spin. The weather gods had other ideas. It's still warm, around 48F (20degrees higher than just a few days ago), just pissing down rain. Oh well. Maybe a new year's drive to a coffee shop is more in order. Or maybe a new year's saunter into the kitchen to make espresso. Followed by a new year's nap and a new year's movie marathon. It's January at last - the base miles will still be ok if left alone for a few days, right? Right?

January. My favorite month (almost). The miles and hours counts start from zero, the new racing license comes in, and I start feeling competitive again. For once this year the scale is on my side as well, last year, tho I ended up light and pretty fit, started off well on the heavy side. I'm 4lbs lighter now than the Cherry Pie last year - hopefully this is a good sign. Hopefully I can get my ass in gear and not waste time during racing season trying to get to a fighting weight.

I suppose that that means the two croissants I had this morning were a bad idea. I guess I'm going for that new year's ride after all.

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