Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yeah baby, yeah. Tho it's greener than the picture makes it look, its not a washed out color at all.
Of course, since it's not built, I can't ride it. Today would have been a great day for it, after a few days of high 40's and dry, sunny rides, it's 34 and snowing heavily. Wet crap. Which is why I hereby declare January to be the month of the Fixed Gear. Full fenders and heavy duty tires. I haven't ridden yet today and as I watch the wet junk come down, I can't believe I have to ride in this crap. It's just not right. What happened to "at least it's not snowing"? Hell, I wore a short sleeved jersey on Monday! With armwarmers, sure.
Well, I was thinking about how it was going to suck to ride in the snow. And screwing around on the net, I read the latest Pez and now I feel like an ass. So out I go, weather be damned.

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