Sunday, December 31, 2006

No stamps for you

Ah, the Swiss.

We took a little ride down to Geneva today, got some coffee, and rode back. My Dad went into a little Tabac shop (coffee, postcards, magazines, tobacco products), and asked to buy stamps. What was he told? "We only sell stamps when you buy postcards". What?!

Get a stamp if you buy a postcard. Since theres no profit in it, why sell it unless you tie it to a product that does have a profit. Of course. If you're not spending money now, you're not getting anything. Take that, you cheapskate. Buy, or leave. Damn, customers can be annoying. Business would be so much better if they would just stay away.


But I digress.

It was over 50 degrees here today. Weird, it felt like mid spring. It made me feel itchy for racing. Not that the urge is really that strong, it just felt like the kind of day where I should be warming up for a road race, somewhere in Oregon. Rolling around the land of chocolates and cuckcoo clocks seemed somewhat off. The season starts soon enough anyways, then it's go time. Cherry Pie RR - 1 month, 19 days.

The Dude Abides.


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