Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I love living in Eugene. Everytime I look out my window and it's just pissing down rain, 45F, and a winter wind coming down the valley that makes you go cross-eyed riding a 39x23 on flat ground, I think to myself: at least it's not snowing.
Here's a shout out to all the Oregon riders out there, grinding it out 9-5 so they can buy an OBRA licence and race on weekends. Double shout out to all those dudes who race on weekends, and ride their bike to work all winter. And to anyone currently looking at a home trainer and picturing the next 4 months of workouts, thinking Dante must have missed a level, sorry dudes. That's why I don't live on the East coast anymore - no matter how wet it gets out here, at least it's not snowing.
Got full fenders on my fixed gear, and it's just about time to ride.

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