Friday, December 15, 2006


Know how I wrote that no matter how much it rained, at least it wasn't snowing? Yeah, as I look outside right now its snowing. And raining. Crap. Good thing today is just a short recovery ride - yesterday's repeats on lorane kicked my butt. Crest Dr gets pretty steep right at the very end, or at least steep when you're running a 39x16. Sucks. Not as bad as repeats up Greenhill - I'll post a pic of that SOB sometime. Locals know - it's a biatch.

'Cross nationals this weekend. Gotta love it. I suck at 'cross worse than anything athletic I've ever attempted except maybe skateboarding, but heavens help me I love it. Gonna follow the action as well as I can - rooting for Page. That's right, Jonathan Page is going to race nationals, and he hasn't raced since October. That dude is hardcore, and gets my cheers. Altho, really, I'm putting my money on Trebon taking it. Dude's been rocking it. Johnson's in good form, too, but I think Trebon's got the whole package. All that time spent in Belgian boue, with a 10th at the last Superprestige. Yeah, he's good. And of course, last but not least, keep an eye on Horner. I gotta root for him, he's an Oregon boy, from just over the hill. He's just stupid strong. for moe, read the PEZ, for VeloNews, CN, or whatever. It's all over the place. Rock'n'Roll, Dudes.

link dump:

stormy pacific northwest, in case you didn't know.
taller and fatter, and 8 1/2 hrs of media a day. maybe i should get off this computer.
put these guys on a bike - there's a pro cyclist in the making if i ever saw one.

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