Thursday, December 14, 2006

Roll with the King

Yesterday ended up being a fixed gear over and back on fox hollow. Not too bad, since the rain died down and it was somewhat dry. Dry is a relative word, of course, it won't be absolutely dry until about June. But if the amount of spray off your wheels resembles mister spray rather than a small fountain, its 'dry'.
Today unfortunately shows no signs of being dry. Weather forecast varies between "definite rain" and "definite light rain" all day - which is why I am going to do repeats on Lorane instead of heading out on a longer loop. If I get soaked enough to have to bail, I'm closer to home.

Speaking of stuff that sucks, think the US auto industry is slipping out of touch? Sweet mother of pearl, what are they thinking? Muscle Wagons? If you've got a damn wagon with four screaming kids, seats covered with happy meal toys, and a 'baby on board' sticker on the back window, ain't nothin' gonna make you look macho. Not even a muscle wagon.

Alright, some quality links:

Found on - who's dead and who's alive
It pays to be tall - man saves dolphins (what body part is that picture of anyways?)
If you're a fixie affectionado like me, youve seen this, but its always worth a look

And a blurry pic - got an early xmas gift yesterday, to go on my other xmas treasure from my favorite person - custom cross bike. And if you've got custom, you have to get the King. My first and only such piece, and I'm stoked.

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