Friday, December 22, 2006

La France

Euro customer service sucks. There. I got that out of the way early. Air France sucks, Paris sucks, French airports suck, Euro customer service is terrible (ever have customer service charging you 30cent-min for help line calls refuse to help you because "we only explain things once"?). I cannot get my computer logged on to the folks' net, and half my luggage didn't make it. Why not? Because not only did Air France have us get lost driving around the airport looking for the plane, but when we got there, they didn't have any containers for the luggage. So they went looking for some. Couldn't find enough, so some of the passengers whose trip was ending in Geneva were told that their luggage would arrive on the next flight - all because the damn airline didn't have luggage bins. One would have thought that would be a key ingredient to running an airline. Apparently not. Then all I try and do is connect to the internet, and I get told off by someone who is charging for that phonecall. That takes some balls. But it's surprisingly typical. I have never seen service providers get irritated at a customer back home like they do here. Sure, back in the US most such people are simply duller than a wooden spoon and there's no help talking to them anyways, but at least they stay reasonably polite and try. Here, they act like you ruined their day by making them do their job. Ironically, this is the land of ultimate social services, and high standards of living. Higher than ours, I reckon. Again, weird.

Enough of that.

More King - sweet sweet hubs. It's been christmas early for the missus and I, and I'm loving it. Going to match the frame paint job with the wheel build. We will see what happens. I'm stoked.

Stoked and wiped. I'm out.

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