Thursday, July 19, 2007

some folks are born, made to wear the flag...

oooo, that red white and blue.

generation chickenhawk

well shit. it's thursday night, i've got a glass of cognac chasing dinner and i only just realized that chef tony has been pitching his miracle blade and rock'n'chop at me for about two minutes. it's time to either turn off the boob tube or put this glass down. unlikely that i will do either.

the wind came out of my sails after sunday. with the season's goals over and done, i don't really feel much urge to keep going. the season won't end for me for a while - but a wee bit of a rest sounds really good. we've had a few days of rain and cool weather this week and the fixed gears and cross bikes looked really good. in fact, i had no desire to ride my road bike whatsoever. it's up in the stand waiting for a headset tune up. it's mid july - and i've been in full-on fall season mode (i.e. don't give a crap, anything but road riding).

the spark will return. probably right after this next glass.

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