Friday, July 6, 2007

le grand depart

it's on. the year's greatest, most prestigious, most dramatic, longest sporting event starts at the crack of dawn tomorrow (west coast time). there's been drugs, trials, bizzare and sick behavior by the uci (fat guys who dont ride any more), the team managers (fat guys who use to dope) and the riders (skinny guys who may or may not dope), and all sorts of wild and crazy shite. but you know what? it's the tour. it's a spectacle. its entertainment. it's guys with more talent than i could dream of riding their asses off. it's what i pictutre when i attack a cat 3 race 50k from the finish on a big-ass hill into a headwind. and i will keep coming back. let the shit fly and the drama unwind after the damn race, but tomorrow morning, i will be up with a big mug of coffee, some breakfast, and a fat-ass grin.

it's july. it's le tour. it's on.

rock and roll, bitches.

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