Thursday, July 12, 2007


The tour just got a whole lot more interesting. Vino lost gobs of time (by Tour standards). You know what this means? The good 'ol hyper-agressive Vino we all know and love will be back in the mountains trying to gain it all back. Assuming he isn't too hurt and can stick it out. But Kloeden cracking his coccyx (ass-bone?) on top of the Wino's time loss may not bode well for my Astana 1-2 predictions.

Cascade starts tomorrow for me. I'll have a pretty good idea of how I stand after the TT, and the GC will be sealed after the first road stage. Ready? Don't know yet. I'll know tomorrow morning. This race should be a lot harder than Elkhorn. I fully expect to be on my limits on the climbs. Hopefully those limits are high enough that I can hang... .

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