Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mo' Money.

Salem circuit race was pretty cool. A short hill with a quick rolling part at the top, right turn to a short descent to another right turn, flat tailwind section to the line. 1.9 miles, suits me to a T. Which is why I put the pressure on the first time up the hill (50min + 1 lap, ended up being 12 laps), and then attacked a short ways up it the second time. I got the prime for that lap, solo, then had Hulick bridge up and we got another prime, and some distance, dropped him after a few laps while a teammate of his and Mr. Hill (of Cherry Pie fame) came along, and we went the distance. I sucked the sprint to 2nd. Quite OK - but the $65 total was kind of nice. Considering how close to home it was, hey, it's a nice bonus. I think I'm buying Sushi with it tonight.

Tomorrow's tour stage: I don't think a break will stick. And since McEwen took a tumble, I think that opens up for Boonen to rock the stage. If I had to guess the rest of the podium, I'd put Hushovd 2nd, Zabel 3rd.

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