Sunday, July 8, 2007


Pappa Kev-O and I have a running list of predictions going for the tour. I predicted Cancellara in the Prologue yesterday, while he called out Zabriskie - so now that I'm up 1-0 on him, here's a list of our respective predictions.

Pappa Kev-O says:

Prologue to Zabriskie
Stage 1 to Boonen
Jens Voigt gets a stage
Chris Horner gets swept up in the last 2k at least once, probably 2-3 times
Frenchman wears yellow: Sandy Casar's day has come

and for the overall:

Vino top 5 but off the podium due to agressive riding and blowing up
Kloeden's race to lose
Frank Schleck in the top 10
Boonen in Green
Rassmussen in Polka Dots
Levi in the hunt, but has a breakdown (mental or physical) and ends top 15, not top 5
Karpets a dark horse

G says:

Zabriskie gets 2nd in both TTs (maybe win the last one), but Cancellara will win the Prologue and the first TT.
Freire takes a stage early then retires due to his cyst
Hincapie doesn't do squat - he gets in a couple breaks then loses.
Jens Voigt rules a breakaway stage
Horner comes close twice
Two Italians get busted for doping
A Frenchman wins on the 14th of July
No Frenchman in top 10 on GC
Boonen gets 3 stages
McEwen gets 2 stages


1. Koeden, 2. Vino, 3. Evans, 4. Valverde, 5. Schleck.
Moreau wears yellow for a few days, then wears Polka Dots until he blow up and finishes in 15-20th on GC
Frank Schleck in the top 10 for sure, I put money on the top 5 tho.
Levi out of the top 5. I say better than 10th, but barely.
Zabriskie top 15
Boonen in Green
Pereiro won't even be close to being a factor

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