Tuesday, September 2, 2008

stage 2, 3, 4, - 5?

Stage 2 TT - not so hot for me. Pretty flat legs, the motor revs but won't get warm. Our gc man takes the win and we now have the race lead.

Stage 3 Crit - simple. Shut down anything dangerous and make sure it's a sprint, which we don't need to win. Done.

Stage 4 Wolf Creek x 2 - Not so simple. Some dangerous stuff got away but it all back back for the right guys at the end. I felt surprisingly good on the first lap and knocked off 380w at tempo up the big climb - for just shy of 10 minutes. Then there was some tempo, some wind riding, etc, and the legs lost a gear or two on the second lap. Big and I rode in with the second group, our work being done.

Stage 5 - Crit? - The day after the race, today, Sal decides to put on one last tuesday night crit. Unofficially stage 5. WTF, Sal? Can't we do it on a wednesday for once? For anyone who raced, or at least for their legs, it's definitely going to get interesting.

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