Thursday, September 18, 2008

good lord

They're keeping up jumping at B-school. We got hit with a case analysis today, and our teams have to present at 815 tomorrow morning. We read the case as homework last night, and a 4pm today were given the subject to present about. Um.

I guess it's supposed to keep us on our toes.

Still, I squeezed in a nice 30 miler between 6 and 745 on my fixed gear, then hit the books some more. And now it's bedtime, because presentation rehearsal for my team is 7am at Starbucks.

Also, yesterday's experiment with the double McBeth - once before school, once after - was a semi failure. I was just too beat when I got home to do much about the reading. And something about climbing in a 44x16 with a big-ass bag is just not very relaxing, either. I can't complain about 2+hrs on a weekday, but I probably won't do that very often.

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