Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the trouble begins

I got my orientation schedule today for the intro to B-school. Yep, it's an excel spreadsheet. With detailed listing of what, when, where, ... and required attire. Attire is listed as Business Casual to Business Formal for about every day.

Come again? Business what?

In my old job, Business Casual meant that you found your nice pair of jeans. Formal meant you pulled out a collar, if you had one. Casual meant shorts.

I don't think I ever attended an undergraduate class in more than jeans and a t-shirt, and more often than not it was in about five layers of sweats, t shirts, or spandex, having come straight from crew practice, so that I could ball up a ratty hooded sweater and take a nap in the back of math class. The first summer that I had a job which was not coaching, I made a girlfriend take me clothes shopping so that I could buy three polos and a nice(r) pair of jeans. I fit right in with the other engineers. In fact, my clothes were slightly nicer, since they kept their factory press lines most of the summer.

This new attire shit is going to take some getting used to. Is it appropriate to change in the Rec center then strut to class in slacks, shirt, tie, and still carry my big-ass messenger bag? Will I need to stuff a leather attache case in the bag and carry that to class instead, and leave the Ortlieb full of clothes and bike shoes in a locker? Is it even kosher to bike, or should I be parking in handicaped spots and sip petroleum from a carved out rhino's horn?

I am suddenly worried.

What's next, golf?

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kevin.maier@uas.alaska.edu said...

Though this might suggest a perfect opportunity to quote the cranky sage of Concord--in Walden, he declares, "Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes"--I'll take the opportunity to remind you of an adage my grandfather left me with: a gentleman always wears a collar.