Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I tried to wheel surf. I really did. But I somehow ended up off the front for 7 laps early in the race, with a Paul's, then several laps later bridged to another break and attacked them when they were getting reeled back in with about 25 to go, and after a lap with my head down and powermeter running out of digits I saw I had 3 more dudes on my wheel and we had a healthy gap. That was all she wrote. We drilled it, held off a hard-chasing pack, the fat lady started hollerin' with 10 to go and I bluffed it home. Pulled the last two laps to keep it moving so we wouldn't get caught while playing games, and sat up at about 200 with an empty tank. I went a little deeper and a little longer than planned, but that's how these things go. I get bored, I attack, I end up riding my tail off. Every time.

Two days super easy with some openers tomorrow, then it's go-time.

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