Saturday, June 23, 2007

elkhorn stg 2, 3

10th in the TT. The three guys ahead of me were all 2" or less away. ah.

Still, a couple of those ahead had been dropped yesterday, so i moved into 7th. 36" back.

The crit was a cruise. Some Joker leaned into someone in a corner, freaked, swung out the other way and took out about 5 or 6 guys. Some Idiot threw a half full water bottle away (like the 1/2lb is going to make a difference in a flat crit) and it rolled back into the field. Other than that, easy. I spent most of the race feeling like I could hold a conversation. I don't think I could have conserved any more energy.

So far, I've gone hard in the TT and short sections of the first stage. Remains to be seen how hard I can go tomorrow when it counts - conserving or no, there's probably 130 miles in my legs this weekend so far if I include the longish warmups. And there's three climbs before the finish climb - an 8 mile 5% beggar to cap off a 100 mile day.

Should be fun.

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