Thursday, June 14, 2007

british invasion

You might happen to be riding around Eugene one of these evenings. You might run into some fast rides. You just might run into a fit looking, very freindly dude on a Bike Friday, who says things like "bloke" and "mate" and "smashing". His name is Rob, and quite appropriately, his last name is English. Ride the wheel.

I got in a break with a hutch's and Rob on the TR nighter and the Bloke pretty much tore our legs off. He would take 30mph pulls for a solid minute, let us fools do a through-and-off, and pull again. We did this for something like 12 miles.

But he was so damn nice about it... and he threw his hands in the air at the line as I detonated in 2nd, and laughed with joy as he did. Good on him. Anyone who thinks otherwise can lodge a protest with Sal along with a $15 deposit and get him DQed. He's the strongest guy in, around, or near town, bar none.

Now I hurt.

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