Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who would have thought: I made my first money in a pro/1/2 race. It helps that it was a TT against 10 other 2's on a course I did this year already (Cascade)... but I'll take it. $40 for 3rd? Wow, this must be the big leagues now.

I wasn't going to do the Omnium's Saturday evening crit but ended up talked into it - where I watch capt'n OB take a sprint prime for a case of Black Butte Porter. He doesn't drink. So it was a good day.

The RR Sunday was anticlimatic - tho Adam Craig seemed intent on getting in some tempo workout and sporadically put the hammer down in the cross wind sections. That was amusing. The Captn' and I did our best to get away but CMG was sitting on everything for some reason, and it took a while before anything rolled away, and wasn't until lap 4 that we got in a move. OB managed to roll away with a couple of guys, including Craig, and I proceeded to sit on everything that moved to chase. Heading into the last lap my legs were finally blown, I tried going with Hosmer and Hamilton when they awoke from their slumber and decided to go chase 10th place, felt the rubber finally snap, and I did lap 7 with like 5 other guys at what was finally a reasonable pace, and called it a day.

In other news, I measured my '04 Fuji frame last week and found that the rear dropouts are shifted left about 3mm. So, my rear wheel doesn't and can't align with my front. It turns to the right just beautfully but kind of hesitates going left. Maybe that's why. Anyways, I have an RA# from Fuji to send it back and we'll see what they send me instead. Even if it's NOS, a new frame is a new bike, and I love new bikes.

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