Friday, August 10, 2007

things i learned

This I learned this week:

My cross bike is excellent. My skills are not.

My mountain bike can obscure that, but only on nice smooth trails like Ridgeline.

I can go faster on my cross bike, but safer on my mountain bike.

Blackberries are a good excuse for not riding a section that you are afraid of. Mmmm, tasty.

I really don't give a shit about my job anymore. Constant long days that are basically the new paradigm for the company are simply not attractive.

I can't wait for my Alaskan hunting adventure next month. In fact, I might go up early. Like, now.

When my woman is away, I have more chores to do. However, they don't take as long.

It is possible to make enough pizza on a Monday night to last for all meals, all week, and not get tired of pizza.

Do not eat pizza before a hard ride.

Beer is an excellent recovery drink.

The science channel rocks. When they go to commercial, I still have the military channel, the biography channel, the history channel, the history channel international, the discovery channel, HBOs, the food network, comedy central and the cartoon network. All evening and night long.

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