Tuesday, August 7, 2007

55x11, 44x16

State TT: 4th. Eh. Course was long again, which was annoying. My ass still hurts.

So I followed that up with a 20 lap time trial in the new Monday fixed gear crit to ride away from 5 other dudes, spinning my 44x16 for all I was worth(gear restricted to 48x16, 21' rollout, which I am pretty sure everyone else had on), and took the victory. Yay.

And so begins the week of computerless riding. I'm skipping the crit, skipping the Thursday nighter, skipping all group rides. It's all about the cross bike, the mountain bike, and the fixie if I need skinny tires.

You see, the woman is out of town. I have 10 days of uninhibited riding ahead of me. After work, as long as I want. Weekends, wherever I want.

Tonight, tho, I'm going fishing.

It's not all about the bike.

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