Thursday, May 17, 2007

the tools abide.

you know, i might just have to give up my pro bike racing news habit for a while. i mean, i spend a lot of time around the tool room at work, but nothing compares to the juice found over at the bike press rags these days. home depot's got nothing on these guys.

tyler: give it up already? doped a lot, he got caught a couple of time, career over. done. go learn the words "may i take your order?". learn to take your punishment like a whiny wh**e, instead of keeping up the whole "my evil twin doped my blood in the womb" routine.


landis may have to buy himself a new tie. yellow is looking less and less like his color.

greg drops a stinker - not just any stinker, but a big 'ol pipe clogger.
the proverbial fan spreads said dung like a pipe bomb.

wild. tools. wild tools.

i'm going to subscribe to "people", that has just got to be more serious than all this shit. the good news is, none of these jerks race bikes in oregon, so at the end of the day, who gives a damn? cruise on over to DC and forget about it.

it's late. i'm out of beer. i'm out.

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