Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Silverton cancelled because of a nasty wreck in the 4/5's that had guys still being stabilized on the pavement an hour later. Good lord. Keep the rubber side down.

Elkhorn is going to be my first road race in two months. That's going to be messed up. I'll have a bunch of thursday nighters and some crits under the belt... but still. No real gauge of fitness until Baker City. Could be trouble.

I went out and did the hillclimb tonight, for the first time all month, simply because I needed a real piece of data. Also, I really wanted to ride my carbon wheels. And I wore my TT helmet just for giggles. I justified it by saying that the first 0.9 miles are flat/flatish, which is more than 1/4 of the race. Good enough reason for me. The time wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, either, after a big weekend that included 90miles yesterday, with what seemed like killer headwind for most of it.

Actually, the real reason I'm bummed about not racing is that I don't get to ride my cool gear. I'll have to be a poser these next couple of weeks and ride the fancy stuff at the Thursday Night Worlds... just hope I don't flat.

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