Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well shit. Talk about uninspired. I've been slammed at work and desperately trying to cram in rides afterwards, I'm so fried when I get home I can barely process the GF's 'sex in the city' re-runs much less the day's news, rants, dope, or drivel. This is kinda not fun. There's some solace found in late-night bike rebuilds, but more often than not I end up with grease imbedded in my pores and no idea why Ultegra cranks have a narrower q-factor than FSA ISIS and now I can't get a good chain line some damned bike. That's why I have a whole garage full of those things, when I screw one up I can just ride a different one.

CNN (or was it NBC?) kindly spat out the Republican debates the other night - which in my fatigued haze cemented my determination to one day see myself in Congress for no other reason than to pass a single bill: we need a law against Stupid.

Driving while eating a big mac and talking on your cell phone? Guilty of stupid. $1,000 fine, smack on the back of the head.

Vegan parents raising babies on apple juice and soy milk? Guilty of stupid. Loose custody of the kid, take 8 semesters of nutrition classes, then receive 200 smacks on the head while repeating "Stupid, stupid, stupid"

Take drugs to win a bike race? Guilty of stupid. Receive smacks on the back of the head while repeating above mantra, until unconscious. Forfit all lycra and ride your bike in tennis shoes for one year.

You get the idea.

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