Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sublimity is not sublime

That race was balls-hard.

The field completely detonated - I just read that we had a whopping 16 finishers. Scott tells me there are 1130 ft of climbing per lap. And wind. It's all rollers. It's brutal. I hung on to the front when the chips were down and while the first split of 7 was eventually re-absorbed, we re-split shortly thereafter and were down to 10. A few were yo-yoing pretty hard and one or two seemed to be sitting in - two guys eventually managed to jump off and we never got them back. It was turning into a death march of sorts, and PK was getting perkier as the race went on and started to really turn the screws. A few miles from the end, though, something happened behind me and his front wheel was taken out on one of the final rollers of the day. Some others may have already been off by then, but we were down to 4. I got 2nd in the sprint.

Anyways, we were all channeling the inner Jens Voigt today, and there was definitely some of this going through my head:

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