Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's getting ugly out there. The south valley has gotten pounded by the rain gods this week and kept me ducking for cover going in and out of school. I hit up the roads a little but got sidelined by a combination of lingering illness and looming due dates for most of it. I got in some reasonable riding around the edges of it all.

On Wednesday the prospect of biking to school in the wet and sitting through a full day of classes with a sore throat and bad stomach was so disheartening that I simply stayed in bed and emailed all my professors that I wasn't coming. I sat on the computer for something like 10 hours with a quick grocery run to break it up - and it had to be my single most productive day so far this year. Not going to school has got to be the very best way to deal with school - it's relaxing, gets you ahead on the workload, and requires no commuting. I might have to try that again.

On the plus side, I got the last of my tubulars mounted up while the rest of Oregon got grit in their eyes at the Banana Belts. The form is coming around and I might actually get out and race some day - if ever the time allows. Almost as good as paying to ride in circles is the Thursday Nighter - which is actually the whole purpose of my year. T-11 until we see how big this year's can of whup-ass really is.

Can't wait.

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