Thursday, February 19, 2009


This just in:

UCI bans wheels deeper than 30mm.
UCI bans the use of clinchers in racing.
UCI bans interval training.

Well, no, not quite, but I bet that's next. Or some other crazy stuff - I swear the UCI wants everyone on round tube steel frames. Dictating regulations, they can put a manufacturer out of business with a stroke of a pen. Since they are a for profit institution, what would that suggest? Insanity. Those crotchety old kooks have got to get over their nostalgia and get with the century.

So if you race NRC races, or anything else that requires a USA Cycling license, have fun trying to dump worthless equipment on ebay and purchasing new stuff that fits the bill. I hear the great Trek bicycle corporation is actually unaero enough to be legal - funny.

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