Saturday, March 7, 2009


Crap weather. Research paper that won't die. You name it, I'm coming up with more excuses to not race this weekend. Again.

The opener for me may very well be the first collegiate road race of the year, which happens to be the UO road race on the old OBRA state course out in Veneta. In other words, perfect. To complement my nefarious collegiate racing plans, I committed myself utterly to the cause by not purchasing any bib shorts this year. Instead, I scored the racer's best freind: the long sleeve skinsuit. This is all that I plan on racing collegiates in. And it is hot. In fact, I am test-driving it today, to see how it sits, since it is never a good idea to make a race your first ride on a new piece of kit - you have to know how the pads feel first. But I am hopeful. I believe that with proper layering, and a couple of gels shoved up the shorts leg, this will truly be the breakaway artist's best freind.

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Miriam. said...

Dude, you're going to need some pockets.

But yes skin suits are hott, mostly because its like riding naked but with a chamios.