Monday, April 9, 2007

long weekend

Exactly 72 miles both days. 9 hr weekend. Good stuff. Lots of climbing involved.

Today is rest and recovery. Tomorrow is another TT - the legs won't be primed for that (training hard on weekends is never going to result in a fast Tuesday ride), but they should be OK. I'm going to try and add some hard miles on to the TT ride afterwards, then recover three days with short rides (a few sprints Thursday instead of the short course World's), Kings Valley should see decent fitness with fresh legs. I'm shooting for a smart ride and strong finish.
Walla Walla is the next weekend, that's big goal. Eugene Roubaix comes the weekend after that - a slightly less lofty goal but still a target.

That's why I'm on the schedule of racing weekends, training hard monday and tuesday if possible, then recovering for the next race and training block. I'm pretty much expecting to be somewhat tired for Tuesday TTs.

That doesn't mean I don't think I can gun for the win. I got beat by an old man last week - and that shouldn't happen again.

It'll be an interesting couple of weeks.

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